6 months to correct Azab objectionable conditions in Sharjah

He stressed Salim bin Mohammed Al Naqbi, Head of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Government of Sharjah, that the decision of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah on the organization Azab Affairs would eliminate a lot of the negatives in this file, saying that the implementation of resolution mechanisms to ensure that improving the quality of services provided to the owners of estates and enhance Security, health and safety of members of the community levels.

Naqbi reported that the Executive Council has recently issued Decree No. 11 of 2016, and on the organization Azab affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah, and has 17 legal material ranging from tariffs through the goals and mechanisms of the application and how the issuance governing licenses for this and controls in addition to refute the charges and sanctions, to the end of the material. The head of the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs, that the decision is now in the process of entry into force from the date of issuance on March 22 last March, and identified Article XI of it for a time of 6 months to reconcile Azab status and fulfill the conditions and detailed controls next.
He said that al-Azab in the emirate file suffered from indiscriminate significantly, the decision comes crucial to legalize the situation, and uphold the supreme interest of the community, and taking into account the rights of individuals and the activation of the developmental role of the sector Azab so that the text of the law on livestock development in the Ranches, and set up a data base and numbered in coordination with the concerned authorities.
In his commentary on the content of the material law, Naqbi revealed that the second article describes the purpose behind it, which is organizing the affairs of estates and reduce the indiscriminate spread in the emirate and livestock development and to encourage sponsorship.

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