Blood Donation Campaign

Organized by the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs morning in front of its headquarters “blood donation” initiative in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Services and Research Center in Sharjah, it came this initiative within the volunteer campaigns that come out of social responsibility and aimed to focus on the humanitarian side to help patients who need to units of blood in cases series during emergency surgery, also contribute to the translation driving directions wise in spreading a culture of social and charitable volunteer towards the local and the humanitarian community to extend a helping hand to patients in need of blood units in the private and public sector hospitals in the country.
Participated department staff as well as officers and members of the social support center, traffic management and periodicals, the management of public centers, community Police Department in Sharjah Police and the protection of children’s rights and flocked turn on the medical staff, which presence outside the entrance to the circuit in the custom is supplied with all the necessary supplies for the process of donation and medical equipment Bus blood.
HE Salim Bin Mohammed Al Naqbi, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs is keen to forge closer ties and promoting social initiatives and spread the culture of volunteerism for community members, in addition to seeking to achieve the adoption of community initiatives that contribute to providing the best services and that are in the higher interest of the service of the state and the emirate, as He praised his pleasure at the fruitful and lasting collaboration with the Research Center and the Sharjah blood transfusion and their eagerness to support voluntary initiatives.
The initiative has seen an unprecedented turnout of donors that took them to free medical tests to check blood pressure and blood before the process of withdrawing them, as the department distributed brochures Avatar awareness and guidance on all the volunteers in this initiative.

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