Discuss relevant matters with the Minister of Climate Change

HE Salim Bin Mohammed Al Naqbi, Head of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture at the headquarters of the Chamber of His Excellency Dr. / second bin Ahmed Zouaydi Minister of Climate Change and Environment received, the meeting aimed to discuss issues of common interest between both sides and ensure the promotion of the fruitful cooperation and construction in all fields and to various business flowing in the end, serve the public interest and provide better quality services to the citizens and the public. And welcomed His Excellency Salim Bin Mohammed Al Naqbi all forms of cooperation with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and praised that such cooperation has positive consequences for all parties to help achieve the overall vision of the wise leadership in a cohesive society and collaborator on the level of bodies, institutions and individuals to upgrade relations in various fields that serve the UAE in general and our generous, and in particular our Emirate smiling.

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