International Workers’ Day

Under constant desire to adhere to our religion values, and the application of humanitarian duty towards various segments of society, celebrated Affairs Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Government of Sharjah yesterday morning, in cooperation with the municipality of Al Madam area, the revival of the International Day for the workers, through several events and recreational activities, aimed at the introduction of joy to the hearts of working for the municipality madam.
Said Salim bin Mohammed Al Naqbi, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs, said that the department is keen annually on the revival of the event stemming from our belief in the essence of Islam, which honored rights, in line with local and international laws, and recognize our role these effective community category and tangible efforts in the process of construction and development . He believed that such initiatives, as well as they enter the joy in the hearts of workers, they are a catalyst for them to continue giving and giving.

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