Religious lecture to the cleaners

Organized by the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs yesterday morning religious lecture to the cleaners in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf and Sharjah Municipality, and came out of keenness to implement charity programs under the directives of the wise leadership.
The lecture dealt with on the etiquette of holy month of Ramadan and Muslims must follow the statutes and rules of the holy month of Ramadan and the virtue of fasting and spirituality of the holy month, the alarm on the need to exploit the holy month in the good deeds and acts of worship and unloading the heart of grudges and reconciliation with others, in addition to adhering to worship and pray and do business desirable and good Vihothaih man for himself to receive the holy month and the virtue of the holy month and a reflection of what is represented on the life of a Muslim, and they carry good ethics urged by Islam and dealing Hassan with others the beginning of the family so that members of the community and the importance of work and productivity in the month of Ramadan, and the need to hold an individual these qualities throughout the months of the year and days following the example of year The Prophet (peace be upon him) as well as that of God Almighty singled out the month of Ramadan fasting, and with an advantage among the other acts.
The program included the distribution of meals and symbolic gifts on the number (60) of the cleaners

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