Special regular meeting of the municipal council and mayor of the city of Al Dhaid

City Council Dhaid received during its regular meeting Salim bin Mohammed Al Naqbi, head of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Department in Sharjah, to discuss the implementation mechanism of the Executive Council Resolution No. 11 of 2016 and that was released recently. And on the organization Azab affairs in the Emirate of Sharjah, and has 17 legal material ranging from tariffs through targets and enforcement mechanisms and how the issuance of the Organization of licenses to this matter and controls as well as implementation of the fees and various sanctions, where he was received by Mohammed moded bin Huwaidin Chairman of the Board and Khalifa Saif Al Tunaiji Vice President, Ali Misbah Tunaiji municipal manager, and board members.

Oaqralcil municipal meeting deadline three months from the beginning of June and ending by the end of August, for the implementation of the resolution, which includes a number of new controls in dealing with the licensing of existing or new, where the prohibition of the establishment and Azab license within the urban planned residential neighborhoods, as required distance from residential neighborhoods 3 km, while the decision was considered to Azab filed before the issuance of this decision for a distance of less than one kilometer from the urban planned residential areas in violation of its provisions, also emphasized the inadmissibility of the disposition of the manor in any kind of legal actions, and committed decision Azab owners create a fence surrounds Baezzbh and be harmless to the animal, also it included tax farming license to safeguarding the environment and hygiene controls, and not to set up any facilities only after the approval of the municipal council and obtain legal permits.

And committed decision-owner of Homestead exploit within 6 months from the date of the license and not left empty for more than three months from the date of receipt, as has been banned exploitation Homestead in unallocated purpose, and the prohibition of mixing between animals without taking into account the type or species, as the law specifies conditions for granting license to establish Azab and straighten Ohdhaa existing ones. And authorized the decision of the municipal council and in coordination with the Electricity Authority, the allocation of one well each group of Azab, that the mayor holds the management and operation of the designated wells, with measures and measures to protect water resources and maintain them within the administrative scale geographical and, as has been determine the duration of the license to five years, renewable for two / similar periods, and is considered null and void in the event of the expiration of three months without renewal or expiration purpose.

Calendar resolution included the signing of a number of sanctions in case of violation of any of the provisions of the resolution

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