Who Are We


Upgrading of municipal services and contribute effectively and fundamentally central to the sustainable and comprehensive development in all aspects of life in the Emirate of Sharjah, and to promote the welfare of the population of the emirate and future generations and contribute to the establishment of a promising future.

The Letter:

To provide the level of municipal services efficiently and effectively contribute to the economic and service support and the development of civilization in the emirate, according to the requirements of sustainable development and the adoption of best practices with respect to the procedures and regulations of the work of the municipalities in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Values ​​and goals:

Community service and commitment to meeting the aspirations of the wise leadership towards providing better services to the population of the emirate.
Employ best practices in the development and rehabilitation of administrative leaders in municipal work.
Joint work with all partners to implement the comprehensive development plans in an effective manner.

Terms of reference:

It specializes in circuit supervision and follow-up and coordination of actions between municipal councils and departments of local and federal government agencies, public institutions, and in particular the following:

The representation of municipalities and municipal councils in the Council and all matters and requirements related to the Board
Discuss common issues between municipal councils and municipalities concerned and coordination among themselves about the services and financial and administrative matters to be presented to the Council
Propose legislation, regulations and systems for municipalities and municipal councils in the emirate
Overseeing the budgets of municipal councils and final accounts and identify the needs of the municipal councils and the municipalities of jobs and manpower in coordination with them and submit them to the Council for approval
Overseeing the distribution of financial allocations to municipalities and municipal councils and allocate additional budgets of any of the municipalities or municipal councils in case of necessity
Preparation of research and studies for the purposes of financial and administrative development and improving the performance of work and services in the councils, municipalities and receive annual reports on Anjar municipalities and municipal councils and submitted to the Council
A proposal to impose or modify or cancel fees for services provided by municipalities and submit them to the Council for approval in coordination with the municipalities and municipal councils in the emirate
Resolve conflicts and overlapping jurisdictions among municipal departments or the one between the municipality and other municipality
Proposal and presentation and implementation of all matters related to agriculture referred to it by the Governor or the Council